Winback at the midwife
congress in Auxerre

On November 23rd and 24th , Winback will be present at the National Congress of the Midwife in Auxerre. Organized by the French famous “midwife profession” magazine, this conference is dedicated to midwives, students and health professionals.

Winback Results acclaimed by the profession

Last October, the MIDWIFE PROFESSION magazine published a memoire on the subject entitled “Winback High frequency and postpartum perineal pain”. Conducted by a midwife student in a hospital setting, this thesis reveals excellent results on postpartum pain.


“95% to 100% of women giving a natural birth with perineal lesions (episiotomy, first-to-first degree tears) suffer from perineal pain 24 hours after delivery; and between 60 -91% still do 7 days after delivery. Therefore it is important to prevent these risks from young mothers, as the midwife may prevent them from thriving in their new role. “

This is a significant challenge when it is known that postpartum depression affects more and more young mothers and that this number could be reduced by an early care of pelvic pain.

“During the study, I was able to realize a real benefit of the Winback frequency treatment on patients in the exposed group. So I was able to observe real relief and an improvement and obvious comfort of the treated patients. During the first sessions, I was surprised about the extent of the effectiveness. I have seen in some patients a decrease of the volume of vulvar edema during the session. “

Winback is the best answer to quickly relieve postpartum pain. We invite you to visit the national congress of the midwife in Auxerre on November 23 and 24 to discover our technology.