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What is Winback
Bio Activator?

WINBACK energy is a High Frequency current which oscillates between 300 and 500 KHz. It speeds up the “natural regeneration” of biological tissue and deeply stimulates the vascular and lymphatic system.

How should Winback Bio Activator be used ?

Winback Frequency and depth of effect

300 Khz – Deep Effect
Produces deep, dispersed action; this frequency is useful for deep effects in CET mode. The energy is less concentrated on the first few layers of the epidermis which means the deeper tissue can be reached (3-7cm).

500 Khz – Semi-Deep Effect
The concentric action means that semi-deep localised areas can be reached in CET mode (around 0.5 – 3cm) or resistant, semideep tissue in RET mode.

With its two different modes of use, WINBACK increases the efficacy of your manual motions to so called impalpable, deep rooted pathologies.

CET concentrates the energy on the muscles and fluid tissues. The effect is localised, superficial or semideep

RET concentrates the energy on all of the hard tissue such as joints, tendons and bones. The effect is deep

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